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Sunday, 23 October 2011

ℓσνє ρσємѕ

 The Meaning Of Love 
 Love is 
being happy for the other person  
when they are happy  
being sad for the person  
when they are sad  
being together in good times  
and being together in bad times  
Love is the source of strength  
 Love is 
being honest with yourself at all times  
being honest with the other person at all times  
telling, listening, respecting the truth  
and never pretending  
Love is the source of reality  
 Love is 
an understanding so complete that  
you feel as if you are a part  
of the other person  
accepting the other person  
just the way they are  
and not trying to change them  
to be something else  
Love is the source of unity  
 Love is 
the freedom to pursue your own desires  
while sharing your experiences  
with the other person  
the growth of one individual alongside of  
and together with the growth  
of another individual  
Love is the source of success  

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